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Pic Simulator Ide V6.34
« en: Viernes 25 de Agosto de 2006, 21:47 »
Les dejo las características y el link donde se pueden descargar la nueva versión del PIC Simulator IDE.
New version 6.34
- Scrollbar in Watch Variables window
- New Require All Arguments option in Assembler
- New Use Voltage for Analog Inputs option for Microcontroller View windows
- Support for 4 new devices: 16F685, 16F687, 16F689, 16F690
- Several small and/or invisible improvements
- F2 (Step) will work when Breakpoints Manager window is in focus
- Breakpoints Manager will load MPASMWIN listing files
- New Compact Microcontroller View option
- Generate Basic Code command in Configuration Bits window
- Simulation support for 16F737, 16F747, 16F767 and 16F777
- Several small and/or invisible improvements
- Improved internal disassembler (disassembling with labels)
- Improved internal assembler (upper,high,low argument prefixes and banksel macro)
- Basic compiler new feature: address can be specified during variable declaration (Dim variable As Byte @ 0x050, for example)
- Basic compiler new feature: working register can be operand in assign statements (WREG = variable, variable = WREG, useful when using inline assembler parts of code)
- Several small and/or invisible improvements
- New parameter for DEFINE directive: I2CCLOCK_STRETCH
- Two new functions for external modules: GETPIC and GETPATH
- New option for basic compiler: Generate MPASMWIN Compatible Listing
- Several small and/or invisible improvements

PIC Simulator IDE main features:
- Main simulation interface showing internal microcontroller architecture,
- FLASH program memory viewer, EEPROM data memory editor, hardware stack viewer,
- Microcontroller pinout interface for simulation of digital I/O and analog inputs,
- Variable simulation rate, simulation statistics,
- Breakpoints manager for code debugging with breakpoints support,
- PIC assembler, interactive assembler editor for beginners, PIC disassembler,
- Powerful PIC Basic compiler with smart Basic source editor,
- PIC Basic compiler features: three basic data types (1-bit, 1-byte, 2-byte), optional 4-byte (32-bit) data type with 32-bit arithmetics, arrays, all standard PIC Basic language elements, optional support for structured language (procedures and functions), high level language support for using internal EEPROM memory, using internal A/D converter module, using interrupts, serial communication using internal hardware UART, software UART implementation, I2C communication with external I2C devices, interfacing character LCDs, interfacing graphical LCDs with 128x64 dot matrix, R/C servos, 1-Wire devices, DS18S20, using internal PWM modules ...
- Configuration bits editor,
- PC's serial port terminal for communication with real devices connected to serial port,
- LCD module simulation interface for character LCD modules,
- Graphical LCD module simulation interface for 128x64 graphical LCD modules,
- Hardware UART simulation interface,
- Software UART simulation interface for software implemented UART routines,
- Oscilloscope and signal generator simulation tools,
- 7-segment LED displays simulation interface,
- Support for external simulation modules,
- Extensive program options, color themes, ...


Instrucciones de descarga:

1. Copiar el link.

2. Pegar el link

2. Seleccionar "FREE"

3. Esperar a que la cuenta termine....

4. Seleccionar Download y listo